Coco-Pina Colada

Coco-Pina Colada

Try this lovely iced tea, made with Pina Colada fruit tea, and turned into a fantastic tropical taste and summer quencher!


2 Tbsp Pina Colada fruit tea

1 Tbspn sugar

1.5 litres of hot water.

1 tin of coconut milk


Infuse Pina Colada fruit tea, and sugar into hot water. Refrigerate and allow to steep over night.

Freeze coconut milk in an ice cube tray. (Aprox. 1Tbspn per icecube)


Strain and pour Pina Colada infusion into tall glasses.

Place coconut milk cubes into a blender. (3 per serve)

Whiz for aprox. 10 seconds.

Stir into Pina Colada infusion

Ready to serve!