Teas and herbs during pregnancy

Teas and herbs during pregnancy

On hearing the words, “Yes, you’re pregnant”, most women start to give serious consideration to their health. We start thinking about dietary changes, caffeine consumption and what is safe or unsafe for the unborn child. Unfortunately there is a lot of contradictory information around. If in doubt, always consult your health care professional.

Is caffeine safe during pregnancy? Some doctors will say a maximum of two cups per day is ok. Many others will tell you to stay clear altogether. Recent studies have shown a direct link between caffeine consumption and lowered birth weight as well as an increase in the length of labour.

At Tea Therapy we have a range of caffeine free alternatives that are both safe during pregnancy, and touted as helpful for easing associated pregnancy discomforts.

Single Herbs

Rooibos: Described by many as the most tea-like herb you can drink. Rooibos is high in nutrients and it is caffeine free. It can be served any way you would normally serve tea, ie with or without milk, sugar, lemon etc. Rooibos is also reputed to settle various digestive complaints, ease colic and reflux and is considered safe for everyone from babies to the elderly.

Peppermint: Great as a refreshing herbal pick me up. Peppermint is well known for settling an upset tummy and relieving nausea and vomiting.

Nettle: Provides high levels of iron, magnesium and calcium. Best to stick to 1 -2 cups per day.

Rosehip: Has a rich source of Vitamin C, making it a great immune booster to help keep sniffles at bay.

Ginger: A wonderful herb which is safe for pregnancy, aids circulation and eases nausea.

Blended Herbs

Expecting Mum: This wonderfully tasty, easy to drink, herbal blend is our Primary Raspberry Leaf Tea. Raspberry Leaf is drunk to ‘strengthen the uterus’ in preparation for child birth. This means contractions during labour can be more effective, hopefully reducing the length of labour. Expecting Mum also includes, Nettle, Rosebuds, Rosehips, Ginger and Peppermint. Due to the Raspberry Leaf content we recommend drinking Expecting Mum only after week 27 of your pregnancy. Contraindicated in first trimester.

Digestive Ease: A tasty blend that can be drunk anytime. It is especially beneficial for anyone suffering digestive complaints, an unsettled tummy or nausea. Ingredients include Peppermint, Chamomile, Lime Leaves, Lemon balm, Liquorice and Yarrow

Turkish Apple: Prepared the traditional way. Our Turkish Apple uses actual pieces of dried apple with added vitamin C. No artificial preservatives, syrups or added sugar to be found. It tastes great hot or cold and simply gives an added option for a safe, guilt free, delicious beverage to enjoy during pregnancy.