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Welcome to Tea Therapy

“Why the name, Tea Therapy?”

…because sometimes a good cuppa is the best  therapy…

Tea Therapy has become Australias most trusted supplier of quality teas and custom therapeutic herbal blends.

A Little Background                                                                                              

In 2008 Carley Borman and Peter Markwell, created Tea Therapy, to introduce a range of 10 signature herbal tea blends to clients of their Brisbane based natural therapies clinics.  The teas were so well received that the range quickly expanded and became its own independent boutique tea store within the year.

Those 10 initial teas are still a core part of Tea Therapy's signature range and many of Peter and Carley's initial customers are still part of the Tea Therapy family.  This is a testament to their dedication to customer service and genuine desire to help and educate people of the benefits a little Tea Therapy can have on their well being.

 Carley and Peter  bring more than 30 years of experience in herbalism  and natural health sciences, combined with 20 years in the tea industry to offer their clients exceptional service in; supply of quality tea and herbs; design of custom blends, and knowledge about their products.

Where are our teas from. 

The differing properties and flavours of tea come from the different soils and growing conditions of the Camellia Sinensis plant, and for this reason Tea Therapy imports tea leaf from various areas around the world. We are also proud to support Australias’ own amazing tea fields.

What We Stand For                                                                                               

We are passionate about freshness and quality; using real, natural ingredients in our blends; and sourcing organic and pesticide free crops.

Retail and wholesale inquiries are welcome. We look forward to getting to know you and your tea and herb supply needs.

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We love getting to know our clients so you are also welcome to phone us with any inquiries.   ph: 0451 461 590

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