The benefits of herbal tea

The benefits of herbal tea

Since the beginnings of nearly every ancient civilisation, herbs have been used for both their culinary flavours and their medicinal properties. Infusing these herbs into water to create a beverage with health benefits, has long since been taken from the realms of pure folklore and given real credibility by the scientific community.

Various herbs contain a wealth of nutrients which readily infuse into water and can in turn be easily absorbed into our bodies. Of course the therapeutic benefits of herbal teas are only the beginning. Once you find your perfect herbal tea, you likely won’t mind what the healing benefits are. Sometimes just taking time out for a good cuppa really is the best therapy.

Another benefit of herbal teas is the huge variety of flavour. A seemingly endless range of single and blended herbal teas means there is always something new to tempt your taste buds. Many people have told us it is this huge variety of flavour that they love so much about drinking herbal teas.

The following are some of the herbal teas most commonly enjoyed by our clients.

Arthritis Care

Ingredients: Celery and coriander seeds, meadowsweet, burdock, birch, ginger, nettle, lemongrass

Many of our modern medicines are synthetic reproductions of the active components in plants and pain relief medication is no exception. Birch is in this tea for its analgesic properties, celery and coriander seeds have long been used to relieve aching joints and ginger improves circulation. Arthritis care was one of the first herbal teas we brought into the clinic and many patients reported feeling reduced joint pain after incorporating Arthritis Care into their daily routine.

Digestive Ease

Ingredients: Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemon balm, Yarrow and Lime leaves.

The feedback we get from this tea is amazing. Digestive ease combines some of nature’s best digestive herbs into a blend that is genuinely delicious. Whether you drink this to ease discomfort after a big meal, to calm an inflammatory condition in the digestive system or just because the flavour is so good, you’re bound to rave about it too.


Ingredients: Rose, linden (lime blossom), lavender, jasmine, orange, lemon balm, passionflower

This selection of herbs, florals and fruit is blended specifically to calm nerves, relax an overactive mind, and have a very enjoyable taste. Reduce your stress levels by sipping slowly and allow the calming lavender and passionflower to slow your breathing as rose nurtures a sense of well being. Great for the very stressed and those who have trouble sleeping.