What to drink while breastfeeding

What to drink while breastfeeding

When you are breastfeeding, drinking excess caffeine can cause baby to become fussy and may even cause sleep problems. It is recommended to only drink caffeinated beverages directly after you have finished breastfeeding so that the caffeine has a chance to move out of your system before the next feed is due.

We recommend sticking to teas which are naturally lower in levels of tannins and caffeine. A great example of this is Australian Daintree Tea.

Alternatively there are many caffeine free alternatives. Many of these have added benefits for the nursing mum.

With any herbs during breastfeeding we advise taking the least amount necessary to gain desired results. It is advisable to let your healthcare professional know what herbs you are drinking when breastfeeding and always seek advice when dealing with a serious complaint.

Herbal teas for lactation

Throughout history there have been numerous herbs associated with improving lactation. Some of these include:

Blessed Thistle: Once bub is born, Blessed Thistle is safe to drink and can help with milk supply.

Nettle: Has a consistent history of being an effective galactagogue (encouraging lactation). It is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin K, silica and potassium.


Herbal teas for Mastitis

Olive leaf tea: Can be drunk on its own or added to other herbs or teas. It works as a natural antibiotic, and may help fight the infection so that you can continue to breastfeed.

Echinacea root: Also fights the infection like an antibiotic.

Calendula: Is drunk to aid drainage of lymph fluids, reducing swelling.


Reducing milk flow

When you are ready to ween your baby, you could try drinking Organic Peppermint tea. Common garden mint and peppermint have a reputation for drying up milk flow in nursing mothers.