Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Tea

With Easter upon us, it seemed the perfect time to launch our new range. We have been working on 5 new chocolate teas for a little while and now I think we’ve tweaked the blends just right.

From a culinary perspective, when I think of Easter it brings childhood memories of fun, family and indulging the senses.  The warming spices infused through traditional hot cross buns, the family gatherings centred around Grandma's dinner table, and of course, that one exciting day of the year when its acceptable to fill up on chocolate eggs at breakfast time. 

We’ve had our creative caps on at Tea Therapy, on a mission to “Adult some of those Easter delights through a civilised cup of tea”, and we know you’re going to love the results

.If you’ve never tried combining tea and chocolate, or can’t imagine how they work together, then now is definitely the time to explore this amazing flavour pairing.  From the most traditional of tea blends with a slight twist of cacao, to an all in tea leaf free, spiced chocolate sensation, our new range covers something for everyone.

Chocolate Range      Easter Gift #1      Easter Gift #2


The classic childhood favourite that’s still hard to pass up at the cinemas.

A rich chocolate tea with real orange segments.  A great robust flavour that is true to its name sake.

After Dinner Mint

You can’t beat an After Dinner Mints after a delicious meal. It has great digestive benefits, freshens the breath and tastes great.

A quality After Dinner Mint should indulge the pallete initially with rich chocolate and leave the fresh mint flavour lingering in your mouth.  And that’s exactly what this tea does.  Quality Ceylon tea with real cacao nibs, organic peppermint and spearmint leaves and just a touch of cinnamon to round out the flavour.  You wont want to wait for your next evening meal to enjoy  another cup.

Chocolate Kiss

This is an amazing herbal chocolate tea option. Packed full of flavour with the heat of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg which infuse beautifully with tangy hibiscus and rich cacao. This blend has a delicious complexity that melds in your mouth.  For me the flavour embodies the joy of Easter, and captures it in a tea mug.  

Choc Chai

Combining chocolate wth spices like cinnamon is definitely a culinary favourite and for good reason.  With Choc Chai we’ve taken a classic chai, softened it with cacao, and just a touch of coconut.  Real ingredients, not nasty flavourings.  The result is divine. 


We’ve brought this one back, new and improved.  The dreamy aroma will transport you as soon as you open the packet.  Chocolate, Roses and Star Anise blend through this tea to delight the senses. Do yourself a favour and froth up some hot milk to turn this brew into the best tasting latte you’ll have all year.  Proven to even please hard core coffee purists.