Winter Teas

Winter is well and truly here and it looks like we are in for one very chilli season. There are plenty of great things about this time of year. For some it means play time in the snow, for others it’s extra cups of Spicy Chai Lattes or a chance to style it up with your favourite winter wardrobe. But the cold brings its discomforts too and flu season is always lingering. Here is a list of Tea Therapys’ top cold weather brews to help you get the most out of this winter.

Warming up

Farmhouse breakfast - On a cold morning there’s nothing better to get you going for the day than a hearty cooked breakfast accompanied by a strong hot cup of tea. Farmhouse breakfast, with its roasted barley and a touch of ginger is the perfect winter morning brew.

Ginger Kiss - Ginger is a brilliant circulatory herb, meaning it gets the circulation moving to the extremities when fingers and toes are slow to warm up. By adding lemongrass and hibiscus to the ginger you now have a delicious herbal infusion that can warm the sinuses, soothe a sore throat and help fight off the winter lurgies.

Focus - An awesome herbal blend with multiple benefits. Ingredients include ginkgo, lemon balm, cloves and more. Perfect in winter for fighting off cold symptoms, warming your circulation and aiding mental concentration on those days you’d rather be at home under a doona. If you’re a hot chocolate lover try adding your favourite cocoa to an infusion of Focus for an amazing spiced hot chocolate experience.

Spicy Chai - Tea Therapy has many different chai variations, Spicy Chai is definitely our hottest! With cloves and black pepper accompanying the more common chai spices this blend will warm your system from the pepper kick at the back of the throat to the ginger warmth reaching the tips of your toes.

Olive Leaf - In cold and flu season, it’s vital to do all you can to boost your immune system so your body can fight lingering germs before they take hold. Olive leaf is anti viral, anti bacterial and has twice the anti oxidants of almost any other substance we know of. Olive leaf infusion can be drunk straight or add the leaves to your favourite herbs or tea blend to gain their immune boosting benefits.

Arthritis Care - For many the thought of winter brings a dread of aching joints. Tea Therapys’ Arthritis Care is a naturopathically formulated herbal blend, designed to ease pain and inflammation.

Cocoa Delight - On cold winter days we sometimes find ourselves deciding between a stimulating cup of tea and the comfort of a good hot chocolate. Cocoa delight marries the two beautifully. With a full bodied rich flavour this is definitely one of the best chocolate teas you’ll ever drink.

Keeping warm