Green Tea Matcha Brulee

Green Tea Matcha Brulee

A delicious, creamy dessert made with Green Matcha tea.


250ml Cream

250ml Full cream milk

2 tablespoon Sugar

5 egg yolks

4 teaspoons Green Matcha Tea powder


Preheat oven to 150 degrees C.

Mix the cream and milk in a pan, add the sugar and slowly warm.

Slowly add teaspoonfuls of green tea matcha powder until a soft avocado colour is achieved. keep the heat on the milk/cream while you add the powder – but do not boil.

Beat the egg yolks and then add to the warmed mixture. Pour into small ramakin dishes – this quantity made 10 small dishes – but you could pour into one souffle dish.

Place dishes in a tray with enough hot water to come half way up their sides.

If you place a square of baking paper gently over the top of the dish/ramakins it will help prevent browning.

Bake at approximately 150 degrees for 45mins, then turn heat down to complete baking.

Let cool before serving.