Custom Blends

Sometimes you need something a little different than what's out there - we can create those special blends for you.

You can have an herbal or tea blend made especially for you. Whether it's for flavour, medicinal, spiritual or emotional needs, we're experts at blending together nature's gifts to suit.

Small businesses have used our services to create a special blend to pair with their brand or for specific events.

You could have a custom blend made for celebrating important events in your life. Couples will sometimes create a unique blend that they can share with friends and family during their engagement party and wedding reception. 

Perhaps your cafe is looking for something specific and you'd rather make it from scratch and know it's what you really want.

Contact us for more details.

Pricing upon request, all blends include 3 revisions. If you'd like to purchase the exact custom recipe this is priced differently than the final blended product itself, as it is our intellectual property.